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Karol Thornton

Trainer, Consultant, Facilitator &
Social Entrepreneur
"Listen with the intent to understand, not the intent to reply."  Stephen Covey
Current Work


2019 Current & Ongoing Work 


  • Kirklees EYIF,  is the development of a mentoring project supporting young people at risk of offending in Huddersfield. Recruitment across Huddersfield began in February and mandatory training delivered by myself began in early 2019 for volunteers. I will be running a second cohort of recruitment & training in July 2019 . 

  • Bradford "Youth in Mind" Mentoring Project began in 2018 and is going into its 2nd year. I developed the programme to support young people aged 11-18. Working with Barnardos, MYMUP, Bradford youth service, NHS Bradford and Sharing Voices. 

  •  I founded SkillShare, which is a membership forum for social entrepreneurs to share skills and network. There are 12 active members from across the region,  and we are now going into our 2nd year. Themes covered, included project management tools, culture change processes and Google Suite products. 

  • iFEMALE project continues offering financial empowerment with the residents of Ripon House Approved Premises. Our next cohort will be running from Autumn 2019.

  • #MONEYHACKSLEEDS is a financial education project I developed offering sessions to youth groups & schools in Leeds in partnership with Chapeltown CAB. Visit for information or follow us on twitter @moneyhacksleeds


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I provide a range of consultancy services and training courses to both local authority, third sector and education establishments. Additionally, I also provide support to voluntary and community organisations by providing access to funding from a variety of sources and writing 

programmes for delivery. 

  • Training in the use of restorative practice, key principles, building community practice both for organisations and  practitioners on restorative practice principles.


  • Training for trainers, delivered as a bespoke training package to suit organisational needs.

  • Support and consultancy application, supervision and coaching of practitioners.

  • Bespoke training designed to embed the learning needs and apply in practice.

  • I'm increasingly writing and supporting local authority & grass root organisations in putting together training programmes and bids to deliver to a wide variety of collaborative projects across Leeds and Yorkshire areas. 



What is Restorative Practice?


The essence of restorative practice is that people are happier, more productive and more likely to make positive changes in their lives and behaviour when others, including those in positions of authority, do things with them, rather than to them or for them.


It offers clear and proven ways to build better managers and stronger teams, equipping them with skills to manange change and develop services to deliver clear outcomes and improvements. It also provides the tools to build successful and resilient families and communities, founded on respectful relationships. 

Restorative Approaches




I have more than two decades of experience of working in local government, a variety of charities and within the voluntary sector. I have written and continue to write & organise training for a wide range of organisations. These have included West Yorkshire police, housing providers, youth offending services, primary and secondary schools, higher education, children’s centres, teacher educator teams, trade unions, mental health leadership teams, and a range of community faith and voluntary organisations. I have addressed and facilitated workshops at regional, national and international conferences 


I am an advanced practitioner through the Education Training Foundation (ETF) and I hold a PGCE through Huddersfield University. My training practice is with a social purpose and is guided with inspiration from Nancy Kline's "Time to Think" and restorative practice approaches which enable a sense of belonging.  I use community philosophy principles where appropiate to deepen understanding.

For up-to date information on my work and the current projects I'm actively currently involved with, why not follow me on my twitter by clicking the link below.




Hi Karol

I would just like to thank you for the good work and 'over and above' attitude you have with working and supporting our young people and their families. I know from speaking to them that they can see you are passionate about making change and really appreciate you and your teams involvement. I know moving forward that we are making a difference to our young people's outcomes and I appreciate your help with this

Mrs J Robinson Student Welfare/Pastoral Standards Manager  June 2019

“I like Karol's approach and it was helpful to know how to move forward and to embed.”
Teacher, Northumberland College April 2016

Karol Thornton has been instrumental in assisting the management team

at Progress to Change implement a major staffing restructure at Ripon House which has brought about a positive shift towards a more restorative approach in all aspects of our work.
He run a number of interactive workshops for staff on restorative practice. His practical approach to providing staff with a tool

kit, that can be utilised effectively with our client group to bring about

positive and significant change has been well received. In practice it has

meant that our residents have benefited from improved staff awareness , and confidence in implementing restorative practice effectively.

Emma Falk, Team Manager, Ripon House Approved Premises 2018

   "I personally have known Karol since 2009, more recently through his role within Yorkshire Mentoring Forum. Having undertaken numerous pieces of work with Karol, I can comment on his unique and innovative approach leading projects which best fulfil the needs of the clients. He is a dynamic person to be around and his enthusiasm for change and better ways of working to benefit those who most need it is truly refreshing and inspiring." Chelcey Huxley, St Giles Trust Yorkshire Manager, August  2017 
“Brilliant Experience”
“Inspirational - Reassuring-Thanks”
“ Positve Atmosphere ”
WEA 2016
“Best training I've ever been on.”
            Unison Member, Leeds Teaching Hospital July 2016

"The two words 'information' and 'communication' are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through."  Sydney J. Harris




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